In 2015, the team at EID built the Chariot from the 1965 hit TV show "Lost in Space" in celebration of the show's 50th anniversary. Original blueprints from the 20th Century Fox archives were used in the construction of the Chariot. This is the only complete, operational and screen accurate Chariot in the world.

The Chariot was finished in September 2015, just in time for the anniversary of the show, and it debuted at Chiller Theatre in NJ with original cast members Marta Kristen, Mark Goddard, Angela Cartwright and Billy Mumy. Since then, the original cast has joined us for many successful and heartwarming events on the East Coast showcasing the Chariot to adoring fans.

Chariot Highlights are:

  • Built on an vintage 1965 Thiokol Snowcat Spryte; the exact model used by the 20th Century Fox Prop Department for the original Chariot.
  • Items such as the scanner, solar array, and radar props are exact screen accurate replicas.
  • The Chariot dash includes 1950s Burroughs 220 computer register replicas which light up in the exact same pattern and timing as the original. Rare original vintage 220 registers are available as well.
  • All switches and lights are mil spec, matching the originals.
  • The Chariot's seating are exact make vintage 1960ís Borg Warner fiberglass seats with matching vintage seat belts.
  • Plaque signed by the original cast members included.
  • All mechanical components were rebuilt and fine-tuned; the Chariot travels at 35 MPH.
  • The Chariot is offered complete with transport trailer and can be delivered within the United States. Vintage Burroughs 220 registers are available to finalize the Chariot for screen accurate perfection.

    Please contact:

    John Antonellis
    Chris Pappas