Lost in Space fans – Our Chariot needs your help! Can you be a part of this historic build?

Do you have any personal photos like the ones here?

During these winter months, we are applying a round of refinements that will make the Chariot even more screen-accurate. The main emphasis is on refining the body color and the dashboard.

For the dashboard, we were able to secure vintage registers from several Burroughs 220 computers; the same model computer that 20th Century Fox cannibalized when they constructed the Chariot. This find still amazes me! Parts from a computer system this old are exceedingly rare. The large systems that they come from were not mass produced like the computers of today, making parts that survived museum pieces in the annals of computing history. A year ago we wouldn’t have dared to dream about finding and installing vintage Burroughs 220 registers in the Chariot. It’s this addition that will push the screen-accuracy to the Nth degree.

Also during this past year, review of images that became available after we completed the Chariot have shown us previously unseen areas of the dashboard. This new information will allow us to make layout modifications and to even add lights that were not known previously. Amazing to be finding new information 50 years later!

How can you help and be a part of this historic build?

With all we know and continue to learn, there is still more information out there. Back in the late 1960’s, the Chariot was on the studio lot, available for people to photograph while on studio tours or there on other business.

Did you take Chariot photos 50 years ago? Do you have any unique vintage photos of the Chariot interior, especially of the dashboard? Please contact us by either leaving a reply below, or at http://jupiter2project.com/contact.html .

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